Saturday, February 27, 2010

Harvest Cuff

This cuff has a swarovski crystal, button-loop closure. It measures 6.5" long by 1" wide. The colorplay and the differences in the finishes of the beads, i.e., matte opaque verses shiny & transparent are what gives this bracelet its life. SOLD

Thursday, February 25, 2010


This is called the "Victorian Panorama Purse" despite the scene of a chinese bridge & almond blossoms because its overall style strikes me as more Victorian. The netted fringe is done in the style of a chandelier. It contains seed beads, glass drops, fresh-water pearls, fire-polished rondelles, garnet briolettes, and rose quarts. The body of this draw-string purse measures approximately 5"x6". It is lined with a chocolate-colored Shantung dotted with charlottes on the inside edge.

This little treasure took approximately 4 - 6 months to actually create (not including planning stages) and is probably one of the most extensive and challenging projects I've designed! The bead fabric was made using circular herringbone and was inspired by a scene found in a book at the local library. This particular project has a special place in my heart! Enjoy!


I call this Duplicity because it is reversible. I was trying this easy bead-knitting technique I learned from one of my favorite beading magazines. The gold lame cording used to knit this bracelet shows through and adds to it's sparkle. The triangle beads used on the one side make it more fun and casual, while the hex beads on the other side are a little more serious. It's very versatile, and because of this, is one of my favorites!

Flamingo Bracelet

This was dubbed the "Flamingo Bracelet" because of the bold hot-pink beads in the center. This was a lot of fun to do - pink and black always seem so playful. I included a close-up of the button-closure so you can see it from all sides. This bracelet is done in herringbone weave and has a very supple drape to it. **SOLD**

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Cellini Spiral Set

This one started out as a bracelet! I was learning the Cellini Spiral, but found that with the beads I chose it was not supple enough for a bracelet - and this pendant was born! The necklace was strung in a "floating" style, which means that the elements are pulled down toward the pendant by gravity when worn. I added a close-up of the pendant so you could see a little more detail. I love purple and gold together and the difference in size and texture of the beads used makes the texture of this pendant very sculptural. An attention getter anytime! **SOLD**

Antique Rose Set

This 22-inch necklace was worked from the middle, starting with the open-work double helix. From there it evolved into a herringbone twist. The earrings are also a type of spiral with swarovski crystals at the bottom. (The earrings look much better when worn - laying down doesn't do them justice!) The bracelet has a snap closure and contains seed-beads, pearls, and crystals randomly embelishing the surface. The earring kidney wire and the clasp for the necklace have silver-plating for those who are sensitive to other metals. Because I used hex-beads for this, it reflects a lot of light, and is very fancy! **AVAILABLE**

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


This one came about when my sister-in-law, Kesia, bought me the shell pendant when she was on vacation! I love the warmth of the pink paired with gold. When I found the perfectly-colored pink freshwater pearls and droplets at my local beadstore it all came together. (It is princess length and the chain and threader earrings are gold plated.)

Monday, February 15, 2010

Flower-Berry Wall Hanging

I just love the colors in this wall hanging! I used the patterns from the book "The Beaders Bible" and changed the coloring, added a border and the scroll design to create this wall hanging. The beadwork itself measures 6.5 " x 2.5".

Mandira Purse

The Mandira Purse started out as an adventure in loomwork as it is a larger piece. (The pattern - courtesy of Margie This purse can also be seen on After finishing the looming section, I designed and created (with the sewing expertise of Sandy Pierce)the drawstring purse which incorporates the "Mandira" pattern as the flap. I love the mysterious quality of this purse. **AVAILABLE** (The dimensions are: 11.5" height x 6" diameter).

French Tulip

This one was a departure from my normal beading projects. I learned the techniques for french-beaded flowers and couldn't help but dive into a larger project. I included two pictures so you could see the overall view as well as some detail.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Paua Panache

"Paua Panache" is made with a Paua shell pendant which was my inspiration for the whole piece. The colors of the shell are reflected in the spiral rope from which it hangs. The piece is made with seed beads and rounds As you can tell from the first picture, the closure is a button-loop closure. This is a really fun, happy necklace to wear! It brightens up any outfit!


This is the starflower set. It is made of coin-pearls, seed-beads, sterling silver findings, and swarovski crystals. The inspiration for this set were the coin pearls. The necklace is princess length, so it sits around the collar-bone. The pendant is reversable, so no matter which way you wear it, it always looks good!  **SOLD**

Thursday, February 11, 2010


This is a soft, supple crocheted rope-necklace that incorporates beads into every stitch. (You can't even tell it's crochet - you can't see any of the yarn - it's all on the inside of the rope! But I love the drape of a bead-crocheted item!) It was created for my mom, Sandy.


This set - a bracelet and earrings - reminds me of something a person would wear out to a nice dinner at a nice lodge in the mountains. Probably because of the color - its deep hunter-green color with a touch of spring green for interest. This is done in a classic spiral with droplets peeking out. I included two pictures so you can see all the details. **CURRENTLY ONLY BRACELET IS AVAILABLE**

The Seychelles

The necklace is named after a group of islands. It's really a play on words as you can tell because it's made of seashells. This one was really fun and a break from my traditional seed-bead work. **SOLD**

The Bronze Age

This necklace is made with bronze-colored transparent twisted glass seed beads and little faceted "gems". The herringbone stitch it's made with further complements the light-reflecting qualities in this necklace/earring set. I love the way it looks rich and romantic. It reminded me so much of something my mother would wear that it now is part of her jewelry collection.

Pineapple Panache

This necklace was fun & a little outlandish. The idea came from those little pineapple doilies that crocheters love to make. I tried a modified technique for beading, and this is what emerged! It makes me think of those red-carpet designs - maybe with a sleek, black dress. **UNAVAILABLE**

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Garden Lattice

"Scintillating green-gold lattice flows into a bouquet of fresh-water pearls and golden leaves." This necklace is one of those creations which was fun to do because of a different technique I was learning at the time, but during the creation process, the colors became the true life of the piece. Made with fresh-water pearls, seed-beads and cube beads. **SOLD**

Crystalline Winter

Crystalline winter was inspired by a new technique - the peyote spiral - which makes up most of the length of the necklace. It has a button closure in front which is hidden in the fringing branches around the main leaf pendant, which is also done in a different version of the peyote stitch. The fringe contains glass drops and many swarovski crystals. The combination reminds me of a beautiful winter scene which has been frozen in time. (This supple necklace would be perfect for a wedding). **SOLD**


I call this set Brendy because I ended up giving it to my friend, Brendy. This one is made up of delicas, and seed beads, and is embelished with a melange of various fresh-water pearls and glass beads.

Caribbean Cool

I did this one a couple years ago in the middle of the Summer. Somehow the cool blues and greens and the way the beads seem to wave just felt refreshing at that time of year. The true inspiration was the pendant. After that everything just flowed! This one is an opera-length necklace that has a clasp, but it can be put on overhead. **SOLD**
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