Sunday, February 13, 2011

Buckle Bracelet

Enter the amazing Buckle Bracelet!!!  I just tried this project from the newest Beadwork magazine!!  This is just such a bold design.  It's so versatile - casual or dressy!!!  (I changed it a little - used larger beads for the cuff.)

This fired the imagination.  I think I'm going to try different variations using the buckle idea & see where it takes me.  Maybe different sizes and shapes for the buckle - a different type of cuff.  Still in the idea process - we'll see where it takes me!!  I'm open for ideas & suggestion. I will keep you posted!

Don't forget to let me know what you think!!  You can comment here directly on my blog, e-mail me through the blog, etc.


  1. luv,luv,luv. I also am working on the same bracelet pattern and I am up to the strap part. Yours came out beautiful.

  2. Very classy! I'm a beginning bead weaver and I was trying the buckle portion of the same bracelet and couldn't make it work, so I am especially impressed =) Thanks for sharing.

  3. hey, this is GREAT!!! i love your work!!!

  4. Hi am doing the same bracelet done the buckle started on the strap but i've noticed the buckle doesn't stand out as much as yours. So i done another buckle same beads same pattern and still the buckle came out smaller than the picture depicks where am i going wrong? please help

  5. Dear Anonymous:

    I followed the pattern exactly for the buckle portion; however, I changed the cuff portion by using size 10 delicas and working it in two-drop peyote stitch 20 beads wide. I hope this helps!!



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