Sunday, February 9, 2014

Minor Shop Changes & Things To Come

So, there are some tiny changes that I am making to my shop.  One of them is my avatar.  The avatar I used to have mirrored the style of my old shop banner.  But now that the banner has changed, the avatar looked a little out of place.  So  I'm excited to use this avatar from now on:

I'd love to get everyone's opinion. 

Also, I've been working on a leafy shawl that has taken me about a month so far.  It's in a vibrant aqua blue, parrot green, and tan colorway in a very nice yarn.  So it I'm very excited about it!  I don't have the finished product to show you yet, but here are some in-progress pictures.


 It's still on the needles here.  So once it's finished you'll see how much better it looks after blocking!  I think it will look spectacular worn around the neck just like a scarf, but since it has much more material, it will look even more luxuriant with the leaves peeking out from the folds!  Once I have it finished, I will post pictures here as to how I envision it being worn!!!

I hope to see you all very soon in my shop!!

Have fun!!!

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