Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This set started with a rare, vintage swarovksi crystal I found at my local bead shop! (I love the way the cut of the crystal looks like the surface of a still pond - like there's some mystery hiding at the bottom.) I bezeled it with gold-plated delicas. From there, it "grew" leaves and became the slightly assymetrical necklace you see here. The dangles are fresh-water pearls in olivine and purple to set off the colors reflected in the center crystal. The gold-colored elements in the necklace and the earrings are all gold-plated. The bluish-purples and greens of this piece remind me of Monet's Waterlillies. **Available**

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Mirror To The Past

The reflective, mirror-like, almost magical quality of the Swarovski Crystal Rivoli is central to this design. I kept it as minimal as possible, not to detract from its beauty. It's my twist on a victorian, feminine style - thus the name, Mirror To The Past! It is strung quite simply as a floating necklace - which is why this picture only shows the bottom where all the detail is. Enjoy! **AVAILABLE**


The colors and color-placement remind me of a court jester - one color for each "leg".  It was done in herringbone - a design that morphed from one thought to another as I was going.  If you saw my wave bracelets in last month's posts, you'll see the progression of ideas.  I was trying to see if I could make a necklace with the criss-cross style established in the bracelets (which I call cable-style herringbone).  This necklace features delicas and swarovski crystals that end in a leaf-style pendant.   **Available**

- This would probably look really classy in black and white.  Remember to contact me if you're interested in a custom necklace.  Just click on the envelope logo to send me an e-mail.

Banana-Rama :-)

I was going for an art-deco look inspired after the fabric you see here. But when I finished, I realized how much these earrings looked like a stylized pair of hanging bananas! Oh well, these earrings were really a lot of fun to make and still make me happy just to look at them. The french hooks are sterling plated, but the body of the work is mostly made of Delicas. (If you are wondering about the inspiration for the design, look at the book Shaped Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald. It's really good.)
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