Saturday, August 27, 2011

'Lions and Tigers' Beadwoven Tile Bracelet

A while ago I posted 10 Ways To Break A Creative Slump.  Since then I realized there's another great way to get inspired. . . . 

Join some sort of a group that is into creative challenges!  For example, I'm part of a group called Etsy Beadweavers.  To be part of this group we have to enter one of their 12 creative challenges per year.  I hadn't been able to enter it yet, because of my own time constraints.  But the challenge for September is "Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!  - a throw-back to The Wizard of Oz!  This really got the ideas flowing!  Just the name is very indicative of the piece I chose to make.

I'm calling it "'Lions and Tigers' Beadwoven Tile Bracelet."  

 Can you see why I called it that?

Any guesses?

I decided to make a "fabric" square (or tile) of beaded tiger stripes, and then chose a swirly gold pattern to represent the lion.  Ironically the tile containing the swirls also could represent the "twister" that picked Dorothy up and took her to the land of Oz!  I love that it has a double-meaning!  The gold frames on each of the beaded tiles and the gold-tone metal connectors represent the yellow-brick road.  (Incidentally, the bracelet itself could represent the road, since it looks like a path of stepping stones leading you somewhere!)

If you look closely you will notice the faceted red crystals that connect the "tiles" of beaded fabric mimic the  color of Dorothy's ruby slippers.  Finally, I chose to use two tiny, box clasps in the shape of bows to finish it, just like the bows on her iconic, sparkly ruby slippers.

So this will be my first submission to an Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge!!!  This will be fun!!  So don't forget to take a look at the Etsy Beadweavers blog!  It shows all the entries, and from September 9 -15, you can put your two cents in, and let them know which piece is your favorite!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Spray of Leaves Necklace

It's been a while since I've posted - sorry to have taken so long.  Summer is such a busy time!!  (But I have to say something about teals and aqua blues just say summer time over and over again.)

I went to my friend's day spa and she mentioned that she likes greens and blues, and it got me thinking. . . Yeah, green is so natural and earthy and blue is so cool and soothing!  So right away I bought some big blue (more like teal) circular shells and started digging through my stash!  I came upon these great Czech beads I had bought for another project that I had long ago given up on.  (They weren't uniform enough in size for what I was working on at that time.)  For this project, they were perfect!

Paired with the copper spacers and clasp, I think the metallic green and blue of these leaves look fancy, but yet still organic.  I worked the leaves randomly in different sizes and then arranged them much like a florist would the greenery in a bouquet.  When I found what I thought was the perfect "arrangement" I stitched them together and added touches of pearls to mimic a milky little raindrop nestled in among them.  (I must give the credit for the leaf technique to the book by Diane Fitzgerald, The Beaded Garden.  If you like flowers, and you like to bead, you'll love this book!)

So this is what I ended up with - the Spray of Leaves Necklace!!

As a thank you for the inspiration she gave me, this necklace and the matching bracelet & earrings will be available at my friends shop, Studio 12 Urban Day Spa!! SOLD

 P.S. - My monitor is on the fritz right now, so I can't tell which picture is the best (which is why I added so many).  I would love feedback on which picture everyone prefers!

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