Friday, May 14, 2010

Hanging Gardens

This set captures the feel of a summer garden full blooms and vines! It was so much fun to create! It started with the flower - a project showcased in one of my favorite beading magazines. From there the design gradually unfolded. I went to the local Gem Faire in Turlock and found some beautiful tourmaline rondelles (The colors that naturally occur in this stone - a gradual change from mauve to green -just happened to match perfectly!) Then I found the cubic zirconia briolette that is at the bottom of the necklace. From there it just happened. The pearls and garnets just seemed to want to "drip" off the necklace. The floral toggle-style clasp is off-center in front - another escapade in asymmetrical design! (The french hooks on the earrings are gold-plated.) Perfect for a Garden Wedding!! **AVAILABLE**

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Into the Mist

The pendant reminds me of mist rising from the ocean. I was discovering how fun it is to mix colors with polymer clay and made a few donut pendants. Then I added the peyote swirl (which is a lot of fun, and easy to do), which culminates in a cascading chain of glass drops. The metal components are entirely copper to keep the brown and blue color-scheme. The clasp is a filigree-toggle design that makes the length of the necklace adjustable - just drop the "T" part of the toggle through whichever part of the chain you like! SOLD.  (If anyone wants one of these, I still have one more pendant like this and can make another necklace - special order.)

Lantern Earrings

These earrings were inspired (like the Banana-Rama earrings) by Diane Fitzgerald's book Shaped Beadwork.  They are worked in peyote and strung with garnet chips.  The color of the delicas I used to weave this project are a really nice metallic neutral which would go well with many different colors.  These are a nice departure from your everyday earrings, but still good for the office!  AVAILABLE.
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