Works In Progress!!!!

4/16/11 - I've just added more items to my etsy shop (  The latest is the Swirly Buckle Bracelet.  I'm working on some other color schemes for it.  This is what I have so far!

I have dark metallic chive green, golden-silver metallic, transparent red-gold luster, silvery-green silk satin, and light egg-nog silk satin colored delicas.  The shimmer from the silk-satin delicas really make a difference!  It's one of my favorite finishes in delicas right now!

See how just a little difference in angle changes the look ever so slightly?!!  Well, this will probably be my next color scheme in the Swirly Buckle Bracelet - it's more of a subdued safari look I think!  Feel free to tell me what you think right here on my blog, contact me through etsy (link above) or find Terah's Classic Creations on Facebook!!

4/8/11 - Well, it's been a while and I haven't done much more on this little purse.  I have been really into my beading lately and have started a new Etsy shop, which I've been doing research for and has also taken some time.  It's all fun!!  Hopefully I'll have more for this page soon!

Okay, for my first work in progress - I bought this great yarn.  Its Noro's Silk Garden Sock yarn.  But once I got it home, even though I love making socks, it just didn't seem like it wanted to become socks!   It was too pretty to hide inside shoes.  So I thought maybe a purse?

So here I am working on this cabled pattern shown here.  We'll see how it goes!  (Maybe it will end up a purse, maybe not?!?  I'll keep you posted!

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