Friday, April 18, 2014

More New Developments

My little shop started with mostly beadwoven jewelry, bags, etc.  But who doesn't love a little variety?!!! I've now expanded what I create, mostly because I love learning new and exciting techniques, and seeing how I can integrate them if possible to make the most fun, and unique accessories!

So now it seems I have five different types of products available.

1.  Beadwoven items (Jewelry, purses, and home decor)

2.  Beading tutorials.

3.  Wire-wrapped Jewelry, i.e., my viking knits (so much fun)!!!

4.  Hand-knit accessories.

and the new one. . . .(drumroll)

5.  Hand-stamped jewelry and charms!!

This is what I'm really excited about right now.  It all started when I wanted to make my own jewelry tags, and of course I didn't want to be tied down to any one style (I wanted each tag to fit the overall look of the piece I was working on).

So I learned metal stamping.  That is how I can offer you a wide variety of personalized tags to add to  my jewelry with your own initials - or a friend's initials - if it's a gift!

Recently I have been playing with stamping a little more, and I now am starting to offer hand-stamped jewelry itself. It can all be found here:

So depending on how the creative bug hits me, my new items could be beadwoven, wire-wrapped, knit, hand-stamped, tutorials, or a mixture thereof!  SO MUCH FUN!

So if you noticed from some of my pictures, I'm also running a Spring Sale good only through May 2.  EVERYTHING at is 20% off!!  So my fun can be your fun too!!!



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