Friday, April 18, 2014

More New Developments

My little shop started with mostly beadwoven jewelry, bags, etc.  But who doesn't love a little variety?!!! I've now expanded what I create, mostly because I love learning new and exciting techniques, and seeing how I can integrate them if possible to make the most fun, and unique accessories!

So now it seems I have five different types of products available.

1.  Beadwoven items (Jewelry, purses, and home decor)

2.  Beading tutorials.

3.  Wire-wrapped Jewelry, i.e., my viking knits (so much fun)!!!

4.  Hand-knit accessories.

and the new one. . . .(drumroll)

5.  Hand-stamped jewelry and charms!!

This is what I'm really excited about right now.  It all started when I wanted to make my own jewelry tags, and of course I didn't want to be tied down to any one style (I wanted each tag to fit the overall look of the piece I was working on).

So I learned metal stamping.  That is how I can offer you a wide variety of personalized tags to add to  my jewelry with your own initials - or a friend's initials - if it's a gift!

Recently I have been playing with stamping a little more, and I now am starting to offer hand-stamped jewelry itself. It can all be found here:

So depending on how the creative bug hits me, my new items could be beadwoven, wire-wrapped, knit, hand-stamped, tutorials, or a mixture thereof!  SO MUCH FUN!

So if you noticed from some of my pictures, I'm also running a Spring Sale good only through May 2.  EVERYTHING at is 20% off!!  So my fun can be your fun too!!!



Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A few weeks ago I finished Etsy School, where fellow shop owners were paired up to help critique each other's shops and offer constructive criticism.  It has been a fun few weeks.  So.......

I want to introduce you to my new friend Jeanie.  She owns The online shop  It's full of super cute hats, scarves, bags, tablet cases, etc. - all hand knit by Jeanie!  Let's find out more about her!

1.  Besides Etsy, what do you like to do?  Do you have a job you love?  A subject you are studying?

Jeanie:  I am an early childhood special ed teacher.  I am also working on an endorsement to teach ELLS.  I'll be done in May after 2 years.  And I knit at night and on the weekends.

2.  What do you like to do during your down time?

Jeanie:  When the weather is nice, I like gardening, love to visit Chicago for the music, street festivals, restaurants, and shopping.  I love movies and "bad" TV like The Bachelor and Ghost Hunters.

3.  Do you like to travel?   Where are your favorite places to visit or your dream vacation?

Jeanie:  I love to travel and would love to visit Europe.  I've been three different times, but would love to go back to Ireland and visit Italy as well.  I also love tropical areas and would love to visit the West Indies or Thailand.

Regarding your business:

1.  What inspires you to create what you do?

Jeanie:  I love color and texture.  I'm a bit of a yarn and button hoarder, so sometimes just putting the two together inspires me to make something.  I have more ideas than I can actually sit down to create!

2.  Do you have any business background?

Jeanie:  The only business background I have is by association with my husband's business.  I am too busy to take on another task, so he has other people handle the paperwork.  So, the short answer is that I'm learning as I go.  I'd like to take a business course or two over the Summer.

3.  Where do you see yourself in five years?

Jeanie:  I have no idea what I'll be doing in five years.  I'll probably still be teaching, but I'd love to own a brick and mortar store - a coffee shop/boutique, a place where people can hang out, read, catch up with friends, and of course, knit!!!!

It was really fun to get to know her!  I don't know about you, but if she ever opens up her brick and mortar store, it sounds like it would be a great place to visit!  In the meantime, you can visit her online shop.   Here are some of my favorite items:

Fun, beautiful colors!  If you like what you see, stop by her shop: 



Thursday, March 6, 2014

Urban Chic In The Making

Last time we talked I showed you my shawl/scarf in the in-progress stages.  (   It has taken about two months from start to finish, and used much more of the premium yarn than I would have ever expected, but I really love the way it turned out!   The colors really pop and accentuate the lines!

Here, let me show you the finishing process it went through - BLOCKING

 In blocking you need to first wrap the piece in a towel to get the excess water out and then lay it out on a flat surface.  (In this case I used the largest beach towel I have. I apologize for the clashing of the towel colors with the shawl colors.) 

  Then I used special blocking wires and rust-proof pins to open up all the delicate lacework.

 I think it made all the difference - it made it truly bloom!

Here are some shots of the final results!

I think it looks great draped around the neck like a voluminous scarf!  Of course you can drape it over your shoulders for a more traditional look.

 I love the leaves, and the edging!

This would look great with jeans!

 Once draped around the neck like this, it's surprisingly warm because it's 75% wool!

 I knitted it with machine washable wool - so you can put it on the delicate cycle in a lingerie bag, and lat flat to dry!  So much easier to care for than most hand-knit shawls!

Incidentally, it was knit from the Haruni Shawl pattern by Emily Ross (found on  

 (Here's the whole thing stretched out - also, this shows the "wrong" side.  I think it's just an equally beautiful, alternative look to the right side - don't you?)

You can get it in my shop Oh, and I have also added to my line of hand-stamped tags for personalized gifts!  And for you knitters out there, I'm going to be adding some hand-stamped stitch markers that I'm pretty excited about!  So stay tuned, and feel free to stop by anytime!



Sunday, February 9, 2014

Minor Shop Changes & Things To Come

So, there are some tiny changes that I am making to my shop.  One of them is my avatar.  The avatar I used to have mirrored the style of my old shop banner.  But now that the banner has changed, the avatar looked a little out of place.  So  I'm excited to use this avatar from now on:

I'd love to get everyone's opinion. 

Also, I've been working on a leafy shawl that has taken me about a month so far.  It's in a vibrant aqua blue, parrot green, and tan colorway in a very nice yarn.  So it I'm very excited about it!  I don't have the finished product to show you yet, but here are some in-progress pictures.


 It's still on the needles here.  So once it's finished you'll see how much better it looks after blocking!  I think it will look spectacular worn around the neck just like a scarf, but since it has much more material, it will look even more luxuriant with the leaves peeking out from the folds!  Once I have it finished, I will post pictures here as to how I envision it being worn!!!

I hope to see you all very soon in my shop!!

Have fun!!!


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cyber Week Sale!

So, here's my offer for the rest of the week!  You can get 20% off your entire purchase (no minimum order).  No matter what it is, just enter the code:  CYBERWEEK at checkout.  Don't miss out - this coupon is only good through Saturday, December 7, 2013!

Why use this?  Because how else can you get personalized, hand-crafted, artisan jewelry with a hand-stamped monogram tag and/or hand knits straight from the designer sent directly to your doorstep - and at a discount?!  (OR, If you're a crafty person yourself, you might enjoy my pattern section.)  Better yet, you don't have to brave the crazy shopping crowds!!!!

I create everything in my shop myself, and I am very dedicated to creating quality pieces that will be enjoyed for years to come.  So I hope you have a chance to stop by and take a look!

I hope you have fun!!! 



Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday or Cyber Week!!!!!?????!!!!!!

Cyber Monday Sale!!!!!  Everything in my shop is on sale!  Just enter the code:  CYBERMONDAY at checkout to receive 20% off your entire purchase of hand-crafted goodies - jewelry, beading patterns, hand-knits, and hand-stamped tags!  (The discount applies to purchases totaling $5.00 or more) 

This discount is only good today.  But there will be another one tomorrow - good only through the end of the week.  Stay tuned for that offer!

HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

More Beadwoven Goodies!

Has it been three months since I last posted?  Really?!!!!  Wow, well there's a lot to catch up on!

Here's a few of my new creations:


The bracelet above was inspired by the new two-hole twin beads (the ones in turquoise and gold/coppery tones).  I had to see what I could do with them.  So after a little playing around, this bracelet emerged!  The main part is all beadwoven.  The toggle was a portion of a viking knit necklace I had made, and I hammered and wire wrapped the circular part to compliment the beadwoven section of the bracelet.  (I can't help but think that it looks like a fun little ferris wheel!  :-D)  I finished it up with my own hand-stamped tag with my logo.  But if you'd like to personalize it with your own tag, you can - for yourself or as a gift!  This asymmetrical, rustic, bracelet is great for every-day wear or even something a touch more fancy!


These fun earrings, I like to call my Galaxy Earrings, have been entered into Etsy Beadweaver's Challenge for December.  So if you'd like to look at all the entries, go to this link between December 9 - 15, 2013:  I'm sure you're going to see lot's of beaded beauties!  These earrings feature a focal bead made of ceramic.  I loved the swirling colors of the beads - and that's where the name from - it's like a swirling galaxy.  I suspended them from a copper chain and and my own hand formed and hammered ear wires.  The fun part was the beaded fringe that radiates from the bottom in shimmering blues!  So much fun!  These would be great with jeans!!!



This Celtic Princess necklace was inspired by the tiny, organic looking cube beads, and two holed lentil beads I had just gotten.  Then I also saw a movie where the actress was wearing a very striking necklace that had this basic shape.  So I created the viking knit cord and attached it to the beaded portion with includes a large Swarovski Crystal!   The golden hued, mottled texture of the beads reminds me of a mosaic, and exudes old-world charm!  This one-of-a-kind necklace can be personalized with your monogram too!  Just check out the listing in my shop (link above)!     And that brings me to number four.
4.  The necklace just had to have earrings!  So I created a similar shape with the beads, added a small crystal, and 14-karat gold-plated chain and french hooks to create these matching earrings!  

It's been fun creating these pieces!  I hope you find some inspiration here as well!  Also, don't forget to follow me on my facebook page ( to keep up with SALES and to get up-to-the-moment insider information!  Yes, there may just be a sale going right now!  :-)
Have fun!!!!

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