Saturday, April 1, 2017

New Inspiration for Buttons

So I've been here in Taiwan for about a year now.  In that time my husband and I have been able to experience many interesting things. But sometimes it's nice to have something familiar to do to keep me grounded-like my crafts. Recently a friend from back home in the U.S. Asked me if I could make some crocheted accessories for her.  I'm definitely more used to knitting than crochet, but I jumped at the challenge. It was so much fun!

I had already made some hand stamped copper buttons that said "cute as a button" on them.  That's something that I could SO completely see my grandma saying, so I couldn't help myself!  (Incidentally, it's also the same grandma that caught me to crochet when I was young.)  So I thought hmmmm.....I wonder if that button would make a good center for a crocheted flower. Here are some of the results....

I know there are so many creative people out there who just like seeing others finished works (I know because I'm one of them). So even though these arm and leg warmers don't include my hand-stamped buttons, I thought I would show them to you too.  

So if you are a creative person yourself and you'd like to find a way to add some extra flair to your projects by adding a phrase or a name to them, just think how cute a personalized button could be! (You can find a slightly larger version of this button here.)  

Also, if you would like me to knit or crochet something for you, you can contact me through my shop! ( I don't currently have anything knitted or crocheted in my shop, so you may be surprised that I also offer this.)  I like to think of it kind of like a secret menu similar to the secret menu at In-N-Out Burger.  So I hope to hear from you soon!

P.S.  I love to showcase how others have used my hand stamped buttons, jewelry tags, and pendants in their own creations.  I generally share it on my facebook page.  So feel free to visit, like, and share!

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