Thursday, December 27, 2012

It's funny how things develop.  Sometimes I just let my projects make themselves.  Here's what I mean.  I started working on a beading project - it was going to have a geometric element to it - that's all I knew.  So I started to make an open-beaded square.  But then one side ended up shorter than the other, but it was kind of interesting!  So I decided to repeat it again - accomplished.  That's when the ideas started flowing.

I got out of my stash some cubic zirconium pieces that I've had a while.  I positioned the off-sided squares on either side of a pear-shaped cubic zirconium, and viola!!!  It looked like a bow!

And that's where the idea for this necklace came from!

As you probably know, I've also been intrigued with viking knit.  So I made the supporting structure of the necklace in a sturdy 22-gauge wire which I formed into a viking knit rope.

At this point in writing, I have yet to finish it.  The viking knit rope is done, I've worked the custom clasp.  Now it's time to assemble.  The moment of truth!!!!

Here's the finished product!!!!!!!  (I love these beads - so shimmery.  Not too over the top, they almost look vintage to me.  Kind of a nice shimmer.

I love the look so much that I actually will tough through the technical issues with them, i.e., bead breakage while working with them, and their ability to cut through average beading line with their edges.  So it takes a while to work with them in an especially sturdy, fray resistant material.  Also, it takes lots of patience to make sure the delicate beads don't break.  But the good news is if the beads can stand the pressure they get while beading, they will stand the wear afterwards!  And their absolutely stunning!  (I also made my Calla Lily Necklace and Earrings with these type of beads.  I love this finish!!!)

Well, I plan on entering this necklace into the Etsy Beadweavers Challenge for January.  So if anyone wants to drop by and take a look, here's their site:  (Between 9 - 15th of January 2013 you can vote for your favorite entry.)  I don't mind if you feel like voting for my entry either!!!  :-D

P.S.  This will be available in my shop - if you'd like to visit it, see the link below!!!  :-D

Until next time, have fun!!!

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