Friday, April 29, 2011

Calla Lily Earrings

Ahhh!!!  Finally something that resembles a Calla Lily!!!  Ever since spring started, and the Calla Lilies started to bloom, I've been dying to create something Calla-Lily inspired!!!

(Here's one fresh from my garden.)

I actually have been throwing around the idea of a Calla-Lily necklace (in all seed beads), but when I found these filigree pieces at the local craft-store, I couldn't resist!!!  They are a rosy copper color with three "dewdrops" peeking out.  I wire-wrapped everything I could and added little whimsical spiral dangles from the body of earring, creating a chandelier effect!!  

I used fire-polished, faceted rondelles and glass drops.  I think they're fun - and a little change-of-pace from my first love - seed beads.   [But I hope to still produce the Calla Lily necklace soon!!!  So stay tuned! ;-) ]

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Swirly Buckle Bracelet

 Here's the latest - the Swirly Buckle Bracelet!!!  This is kind of a fun and funky version of the original Buckle Bracelet!  The pattern on it reminds me of the illustrations of swirling windstorms in ancient drawings.  I designed this "swirly" pattern especially for this bracelet.

The swirly design is mimicked in it's clasp (shown above - made with non-tarnish square wire).

This design works pretty much like a belt (but for your wrist)  The smaller end is threaded through the opposite side, through the buckle, and the metal clasp hooks onto the 
Swarovki crystal at this end of the bracelet.

Which ends up looking like this!!!

To get a better perspective, here is the entire bracelet laying out flat.  I used various textures and finishes of Delicas in this creation - silver-lined, matte metallic, to opaque.  So even though there are two variations of greyish-silver in the background, it's still loaded with visual interest and impact.  So what does everyone think?  I'm already working on another slight color-variation to this pattern.  But what do you want to see next?  Blues?  Earth tones?  Just metallics?  Yellow/black?  Let me know - I'm all ears!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Classic Teardrop Earrings

I call these my Classic Teardrop Earrings because this is an earring design that I just keep coming back to.  I also used it in the earrings that go with the Hanging Garden Necklace (click on link to see older blog post).  There's something enduring in this design - you can wear it to the office AND out for a special evening!  This time it has a more bold yet classy feel with the red, silver, and white.  (I seem to be drawn to that color-scheme lately.  I'm working on a few other projects that also have the same color scheme.  I will be posting them soon, so stay tuned!)  

The earring wires are sterling plated, and the body of the earring contains Delicas, and crystal rondelles.  I will be adding these to my new Etsy shop very soon!!!  Take a look!  The address is:  (At the time of this posting I don't have anything in my shop yet, but I would love some feed-back about it!)  **SOLD**
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