Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Looking at this takes me to a tropical paradise where the waters are clear and refreshing!  Sometimes you just need a little vacation - even if it is just in your jewelry!  This set came from the crystals that are showcased in the center of the earrings and necklace.  The myriad of colors that they reflect just took me in and wouldn't let me go!  I decided to make individual "settings" in which to showcase the crystals (using brick stitch).  From there, the necklace just seemed to dictate to me which way it wanted to go!  The framework is done in St. Petersburg chain - I love how it looks like a fern!   The design slightly resembles a paisley pattern that is fun and graceful at the same time!  (The hand-crafted clasp is pure silver and the earring hooks are sterling plated.)**NECKLACE SOLD - EARRINGS AVAILABLE**

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