Saturday, July 3, 2010

Trillium Trio

I hope you enjoy this necklace - yet another adventure in asymmetrical design! It was inspired by the Labradorite rondelles I found at my local Gem Faire. Once I got them home, I rummaged through some books to start up the idea process, and again the book Shaped Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald did it for me. The project for Trilliums (the little flower in the necklace) really inspired me. It's very fun and fast to create. (Relatively - as fast as seed-beading can get!) I added the Russian Leaf off the side to offset the three Trilliums, and the pendant was off a necklace that I've loved for years! The metal components are sterling silver plated. Of special note is the clasp which is the vintage-style design (which works like a box clasp, but in an orb shape). This would be the perfect something old (recycled pendant), something new, something borrowed (maybe not), something blue (definitely!) for that special wedding!

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