Monday, September 19, 2011

A Bracelet In Design Stages

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how my creative process goes sometimes.  This bracelet started from the colors I found at the bead shop - specifically the little 3 millimeter magatamas.  Their color and shape reminded me of the bubbles and froth that come up on the seashore (a refreshing transparent blue that hint of sandy undertones)  - so from there the ideas flowed.

I got home and went through my beads and found another color for the deep-blue portion of my ocean, the lighter portion for the shallows, and the beautiful shimmery satin sandy color for the beach.

Yet another day I was sitting in the car waiting for a friend and found a friendly napkin on which to doodle my design - very official really.  :-)

So here's just a little sneak peek . . . I'll post the bracelet when it's finished.  (We'll see if it resembles the sketch at all  -  sometimes I just let the beads lead me and go with the flow, depending on what ends up being best at the time.)


  1. I like the color combo - I'm curious how it will come out.

  2. Thanks! I'm curious too!!! :-) It's almost finished except for the clasp, which I'm still undecided on at this point. So hopefully it'll be finished and I will post it soon!!!


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