Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cyber Week Sale!

So, here's my offer for the rest of the week!  You can get 20% off your entire purchase (no minimum order).  No matter what it is, just enter the code:  CYBERWEEK at checkout.  Don't miss out - this coupon is only good through Saturday, December 7, 2013!

Why use this?  Because how else can you get personalized, hand-crafted, artisan jewelry with a hand-stamped monogram tag and/or hand knits straight from the designer sent directly to your doorstep - and at a discount?!  (OR, If you're a crafty person yourself, you might enjoy my pattern section.)  Better yet, you don't have to brave the crazy shopping crowds!!!!

I create everything in my shop myself, and I am very dedicated to creating quality pieces that will be enjoyed for years to come.  So I hope you have a chance to stop by and take a look!

I hope you have fun!!! 



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