Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Photo Shoot

Sometimes it's fun to re-shoot pictures for things I already have in my shop.  This morning I was looking through my shop and realized that some pictures REALLY needed to be re-vamped.  So I had an impromptu photo-shoot!

Here's some of the old pictures:

This is one of the old ones I kind of like because you can see the patterning of the lace, and the pink adds a happy feel, but I really don't like how the background at the top left looks bluish-green.

This one I really liked too, except for the fact that once you look really close, it just seems a little out of focus.

Here are the new ones:
I actually love the contrast between the bright sunlight
and the slight fading around the edges here.  It seems
to set a mood.

More fading around the edges.

I like that you can see the patterning and the end  of the lace clearly

Another with a more loose and flowing look

I love the glow again from the sun!  I guess I'm
a California girl through and through!

With this new batch I was having fun with the "Vignette" setting on my photo-editing software which adds a little softness around the edges.

Which ones do you like best and why?  I'd love to know!

Terah :-)

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