Monday, May 16, 2011

Second Swirly Buckle Bracelet - Name Quest!!

So if anyone has looked at my Works In Progress page, you've probably already seen my newest version of the Swirly Buckle Bracelet.  But just in case you haven't, here is a picture:

The picture was when I first started it, but now I'm almost done, and will be posting the finished bracelet here in about a week (or less)!!  I'm pretty excited about it (as I always am when finishing a new project).  I'm going to make the buckle for it in white and khaki green I think - still toying with the idea of adding another color as well. :-)  Maybe the dark metallic that's already in the bracelet . . hmmmm.

But enough about me - What do you think?  I'm thinking of calling it the Swirly Safari Buckle Bracelet, or maybe just Safari Buckle Bracelet.  I'm open to witty, funny, descriptive - actually any and all name suggestions!!! 

The quest is on!  Just click on comments or send me an e-mail via the blog by clicking on the envelope.  I'll send the winner a prize - your choice of 25% off any item in my etsy shop or the free charted peyote pattern (my own original pattern) sent to you by PDF!!!


  1. let's see a name... 'Jungle Buckle', assuming you use the metallic or khaki green :)

  2. Thanks Shonette - nice name for it!! If you think of any others, don't hesitate to comment. Multiple ideas up your chances for the win!! :-)


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