Monday, June 6, 2011

Lemon Drop Necklace

Here it is!!!  The Lemon Drop Necklace!! (Thanks to my husband for the nice name.)

I had mentioned that I wanted to do more with the buckle idea.  I had been toying with the idea of a buckle necklace, and I went through many different possibilities including making the buckle double as a clasp.  But I went with a different shaped buckle - a diamond instead of a rectangle.  This time I studded it with hematite rounds (as you can see) adding some visual as well as physical weight. 

I love assymetrical design and thought that it would lend itself well to this design.  So I made the  triangular "buckle"  center stage, but put it off to the side.  The 3-D triangle is the springboard for the three tiers of chain that flow from it.

(By the way, the necklace coloring was inspired by a black and yellow dress I have that also has flowing lines - here's a picture of the fabric.)

Then to add to the femininity, I added the yellow and black striped lentil beads as dangles punctuated by hematite rounds.  It finishes with a sterling plated toggle clasp that I've been eyeing for a while!! 

So it's kind of a fun piece that adds a dramatic and bold punch!!  Hope everyone likes it!!  Two styles of matching earrings are to follow soon. . .!!!  :-)

Just curious, does anyone have any other ideas for jewelry/accesories that could include buckles?

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