Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Coming Soon. . .

Coming soon . . . to an etsy shop near you!   TerahClassyCreations.etsy.com, that is!

When I first started this blog I talked about my Victorian Panorama Purse.  Of course I was extremely excited about it because it took me so long to create!  Truly a tour de force!  At that time I decided to keep it around a while just so I could admire my handiwork a little longer.  (Actually, you'd think that after spending 4 - 6 months on it I wouldn't ever want to see it again, but it had the opposite effect!)


Something with that much heart, soul, and so much hard work invested in it is hard to part with!! 

So after much adieu I have finally decided to put it in my shop!!!  I hope it will go to someone who loves it as much as I!!!




  1. Wow, I can't believe you can part with that little beauty. How very practical yet beautiful for it's own sake of beauty. See ,that's why I love beads, because it brings useful together with fanciful so well. Try wearing an oil painting, right?

  2. Thanks Kinga! I agree - it's so nice to make art that can adorn more than just the walls in your home. The whole point of how you view & communicate beauty is to share it right?!?

  3. I love the two-layer netting on the bottom, but find myself looking for a bit more color-contrast between the inner and outer layers. But in that one pic from the bottom it looks like Montgofier's balloon! Very Victorian. :) Did you mean to invoke that look?

  4. Thanks Lynn. I did make all layers in the same color of seed beads, but the focal beads are different colors, which I hope makes for enough contrast. There's so much going on in the purse itself I didn't want to overwhelm with too much extra.

    I'm really glad that it definitely looks Victorian! I hope I don't sound ignorant, but I've never even heard of Montgofier's balloon. I will have to look that up!!!


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