Sunday, April 1, 2012

Brought Back by Diamond Buckles!

Sometimes life gets in the way.  I've been very busy learning a new language.  It's exciting, and I'm looking forward to becoming more fluent.  It may just open up many more opportunities - a whole other world of people to talk to.  Anyway, I've been pouring myself into that and haven't had much time to create lately.  Here in California it already feels like spring and I found myself sitting at my keyboard justing playing and enjoying the bright, cheerful sunlight streaming through the window.  Ahhh, so nice.  Well, with all my blabber aside, I haven't been completely bereft of creating lately.  I just haven't had many chances to share them with you.  Here are some examples:

This bracelet is actually thanks to a customer who specifically asked for this diamond shaped design!  I'm so grateful for inspiring people like her!  It really keeps me going!  The earrings (bottom picture) were actually a product of making the diamond buckle just a little too small at first.  So instead of scrapping the work, I decided to create some bold, geometric earrings!  Thanks again for the wonderful ideas!  I am working on another design right now that uses a different shaped buckle. . . . So stay tuned for that one!  :-D

Thanks again for the wonderful inspiration and input from everyone!



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