Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Make it Personal!!!!

Make it personal!!!!  That's what always makes the best gifts.  It's perfect because lately I've been honing a new technique - stamping.  Again, my sister's wedding gave me great opportunities to try this one out - little keychains with their names & dates - it was a lot of fun.

The beauty of stamping is ultimate personalization!  I can stamp someone's name on a tag, a message, a monogram, a date - whatever!  (Of course depending on how big the metal tag is.) Right now I offer tags in my shop as an add-on to my jewelry.  The small tags don't take away from the beauty of the jewelry, but add to that special gift by adding the recipient's initials (monogram).  This could branch out into keychains, pendants, wine tags, favor tags, etc.  The possibilities are limitless!!!!!

So here is an example of one of my stamping experiments:

The following picture is of one of the latest additions to my shop.  The metal tags on the earrings are left blank so you can personalize it with your monogram, a name, or a short message!!!  Wouldn't this be a great bridesmaid's gift?

But here's the latest jewelry addition:

It has my hand-stamped label on it, but you can have your own initials stamped on it instead!!!

Have fun!!!


Terah, a.k.a.,

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