Thursday, March 6, 2014

Urban Chic In The Making

Last time we talked I showed you my shawl/scarf in the in-progress stages.  (   It has taken about two months from start to finish, and used much more of the premium yarn than I would have ever expected, but I really love the way it turned out!   The colors really pop and accentuate the lines!

Here, let me show you the finishing process it went through - BLOCKING

 In blocking you need to first wrap the piece in a towel to get the excess water out and then lay it out on a flat surface.  (In this case I used the largest beach towel I have. I apologize for the clashing of the towel colors with the shawl colors.) 

  Then I used special blocking wires and rust-proof pins to open up all the delicate lacework.

 I think it made all the difference - it made it truly bloom!

Here are some shots of the final results!

I think it looks great draped around the neck like a voluminous scarf!  Of course you can drape it over your shoulders for a more traditional look.

 I love the leaves, and the edging!

This would look great with jeans!

 Once draped around the neck like this, it's surprisingly warm because it's 75% wool!

 I knitted it with machine washable wool - so you can put it on the delicate cycle in a lingerie bag, and lat flat to dry!  So much easier to care for than most hand-knit shawls!

Incidentally, it was knit from the Haruni Shawl pattern by Emily Ross (found on  

 (Here's the whole thing stretched out - also, this shows the "wrong" side.  I think it's just an equally beautiful, alternative look to the right side - don't you?)

You can get it in my shop Oh, and I have also added to my line of hand-stamped tags for personalized gifts!  And for you knitters out there, I'm going to be adding some hand-stamped stitch markers that I'm pretty excited about!  So stay tuned, and feel free to stop by anytime!



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